Autodoser Chemical Pick-up Unit

The Cotswold Autodoser is a safe, efficient unit for dispensing hazardous dairy chemicals into the wash trough on manual wash parlours.

  • Compact, stainless steel casing.
  • Available in single, dual or triple pump versions, each pump with it's own timer and start button.
  • Safe, accurate handling of dairy chemicals, direct from drum to wash trough.(no manual pouring)
  • Chemical drums can be kept in separate, secure room.
  • Suitable for most liquid dairy chemicals.
  • Easily set timers, giving accurate dosage, between 0.9 and 2.4 litres (more by request)
  • Once set, each pump will dispense the required amount of chemical with one press of it's start button.
  • Can be remotely triggered by other devices, if required.

Product Details

Autodoser Chemical Dispenser
Autodoser Chemical Dispenser variants
Part Number Part Description Delivery Retail Price
CAD1 Autodoser -single pump £ £385.00
CAD2 Autodoser-dual pump £ £479.00
CAD3 Autodoser-triple pump £ £599.00