Cotswold Cluster Flush System Spares

Cotswold Cluster Flush System Spares
Part Number Part Description
CF21 Set of three filter elements for CF35
CF24 Three way solenoid valve 24v DC including plug (for swing over control)
CF25 1" BSP large solenoid valve 24v DC(for doubled up parlours)
CF26 ½" BSP Normally open solenoid valve 24v DC(air exhaust on doubled up parlours.
CF27 Vacuum switch (metal band)
CF28 Power supply 230v to 24v
CF29 Digital programmable controller (Cruzet, state model)
CF30 Y piece (white, milk tube connection)
CF58 Cylinder service kit (every 3 yrs max)
CF38 Cylinder complete
CF40 Header tank assembly
CF37 1/2" Tap