Automatic Walk-over Teatsprayers

The Cotswold automatic teatsprayer comes in two versions, the Moojet single rail for pre-spraying and the Autospray twin rail for post-spraying. The only difference between these variations is the spray rail, all other components are common to both versions and are powered by the powerful Cotswold Supaspray pump.

**We are currently working on the next generation of these two products, which will incorporate a set of infrared detectors, programmable from a tablet (supplied), giving a much more accurate spray, based on the speed of the cow passing through. Twinned with a redesigned spray rail, this should give much better teat coverage with significantly less chemical waste.**

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General Product Features (Current systems)

  • Fully automatic, labour saving systems, save time and reduce costs, with each cow automatically sprayed as she walks over the floor mounted spray rail.
  • Low maintenance, self cleaning spray nozzles.
  • Choice of nozzles, with different spray patterns and spray rates.
  • Spray start and spray time adjustable.
  • Activated when cow leaves beam, therefore much more accurate.
  • Integral cow counter showing number of cows sprayed.
  • Built-in delay allowing people to pass through race without being sprayed.
  • Proven technology, many systems fitted, worldwide.
  • Trial period offered.


  • Superceded by the autospray as a post milking teatsprayer.
  • Single spray nozzle uses less chemical, 13ml/second, allowing spray time to be increased for better coverage, without excessive chemical use.
  • Single rail, being narrower, has less effect on cow flow, more important on parlour entry.


  • Premium automatic teatsprayer
  • Improved twin rail with two spray nozzles, delivering 16ml/second and better teat coverage, especially important for post spraying.
  • Can be used as a pre-sprayer but may have more effect on cow flow than Moojet.

Essential Information for Installation

  • No spray race is supplied with the equipment.
  • The dimensions of the spray race are critical and should only vary, to suit different breeds and sizes of cow, within the parameters set on our diagram.
  • The race should be situated as far as possible from things which might affect cow flow, such as doorways, footbaths, calf boxes, sort gates etc.
  • The lead in to the spray race should be sufficient to allow the animals to settle into a single file procession, ideally 10 metres or more. This will be more difficult in a pre-spray situation but is less critical than with post spraying and may have to be as little as  2 metres.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The measurement of 24" to 36" (from the spray nozzle to the infra-red eye on the control box), as shown on the diagram to the left, will need to be increased for pre-spray on a herringbone parlour, as the cows will be moving more quickly. This measurement may need to be as much as 48" in some cases and extra adjustment should be left to allow for this.


  • We recommend that the system is observed on a regular basis for correct operation.
  • Automatic teat spraying is not a substitute for good husbandry and normal standards of hygiene must be maintained at all times.
  • In the event of infection, manual spraying or dipping of the affected cows is advisable until it subsides.

*Autospray and Moojet may not always achieve sufficient coverage of an animal's teats to effectively disinfect them every time she passes through the race, especially if she has a misshapen udder. We give no guarantee that Autospray or Moojet will prevent or contain mastitis outbreaks and recommend regular monitoring of somatic cell counts, with reversion to manual spraying or dipping should outbreaks occur.

*Cotswold Dairy Equipment Co Ltd accept no liability for any loss or damage in connection with any failure of Autospray or Moojet to prevent or contain infections.


Product Details

Automatic Walk Over teat Sprayer
Automatic Teat Sprayer variants
Part Number Part Description Delivery Retail Price
MJ101 Moojet single rail, single nozzle, automatic teat spray system, (recommended for pre-spraying) includes Supaspray pump, all working parts and 8mm tubing but no cattle race. Two required for herringbone parlours, but deduct a Supaspray pump (£240.00), as only one of these is needed. £ £1725.00
AS101 Autospray, , automatic teat spray system, same as Moojet but with twin rail and twin nozzles, giving better teat coverage. ( recommended for post milking use) £ £2175.00
AS150 Prespray system, comprising :- Twin spray rail, Moojet control box & reflector, Dosatron, Check valve and In-line strainer. £ £2499.00