Dairy Water Heater Spares

Dairy Water Heater Spares
Part Number Part Description
WH17 Standard control box for water heater
WH17A Control box for water heater with digital thermostat
WH4 Time clock, large single dial, analogue
WH48A Analogue round time clock for 48hr timer
WH48B Timer control box, 48 hour with contactor (state heater size)
WH31 Vacuum switch, blue (for older water heaters)
WH8 Fuse, 800 mA, pack of 3
WH22 Contactor, 16 Amp
WH22B Contactor 32 Amp
WH23A Dial thermometer
WH23B Probe thermometer with case, battery included
WH23C Button battery for probe thermometer
WH23D Digital thermostat with stainless steel probe
WH23E Probe only for digital thermostst
FS1 Float switch, stainless steel, for water heaters
FS1B Float arm and pivot pin for FS1
WH15E Solenoid valve, 0-135lbs/sq ins(0-8 bar) & fittings. (state maker on order)
Wh15A Coil for solenoid (state solenoid make on order)
WH15F Diaphragm for solenoid (state make on order)
WHDXP Brass pump for DX water heater (1"BSP female)
WH-PRESSKIT Automatic pressure sensing DX Pump controller
WH14A Outlet tap, 1¼" BSP
WH14B Outlet tap, 1½" BSP
WH28 Boiler lid seal, 24" square
WH28A Boiler lid seal 27" square
WH28C Boiler lid seal, over 27", to order
WH21 Scale reducer, (polyphosphate salts dispenser)
WH21C Refill cartridge for polyphosphate scale reducer
WH21A Carbon water filter
WH21B Refill cartridge for carbon filter
WH19 In-line water strainer (3/4" female BSP)
WH19A In-line water strainer (1" female BSP)
WH14A Brass lever tap 1 1/4" BSP
WH14B Brass lever tap 1 1/2"
WH37 Curly s/s tube