Udder Wash Guns

Cotswold supply a variety of wash guns, for use on our own or other manufacturer's udder wash systems. All are hosetail attachment, apart from the HW4 Coil Wash gun, which is a compression fitting for 8mm nylon tube. The CS4 Aquaspray gun has an adjustable nozzle, from jet to spray and can be used as a washdown gun. All the other guns have a flat fan jet spray, ideal for udder washing and cluster exterior washing.


Product Details

Udderwash Guns
Wash Guns variants
Part Number Part Description Delivery Retail Price
UW27 Basic udderwash gun £ £13.65
UW39 Handiwash udderwash gun with fan jet (push on connection ½") £ £11.30
HW4 Handiwash coil wash gun with fan jet (compression connection 8mm) £ £11.50
CS4 Aquaspray general purpose water spray gun with push on, dual size hose connection £ £12.55